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Northern Beauty is a one-person-operated small business based in Sturgeon County, Alberta. Our mission is to provide our customers with clean and natural skin and hair care products, while maintaining the highest quality possible. We take extra steps to ensure that our products are nourishing and functional for you. To achieve that, we don’t use any fillers, instead, we choose ingredients that will have a purpose in the formulation, while increasing benefits for your skin. On top of that, to make our products even better, we use our own herbal infusions. Everything you see on this website is handmade, and we hope that you will love our products as much as we loved making them for you.

  • French Formulations
  • Natural
  • Handmade
  • Honest & Unique Ingredients
  • High-Quality
  • NEVER Tested on Animals


Founder, Product Creator

Anastasiia immigrated to Canada from Ukraine when she was 13 years old. Shortly after her arrival, she began to assimilate into her new culture and she loved everything about life in this beautiful country. However, she couldn’t help but notice that our daily skin and hair care products were packed with chemicals.
One day, she decided to look at the ingredients list of a grocery-store-bought body wash. She noticed that most of the ingredients had complicated and scary-looking names. After conducting some research on the function of those commonly used ingredients, she was shocked. She couldn’t believe that despite scientific proof that most common skin & hair care ingredients are toxic for human and aquatic life, they are still placed in our daily products. This was how her passion for natural products began.

Realizing all of this led Anastasiia to her journey of natural living. Now, almost 12 years later, she developed a great level of understanding of many products that are available on the natural and non-natural market, and their ingredients. Because of that, she realized that even products that are marketed to be natural are not “natural enough” in most cases. Therefore, after completing a bachelor’s degree in social work, she decided to fulfil her passion for helping people in a different field. Anastasiia’s main goal is to create products that will nourish the skin and hair. She hopes to help people improve their self-confidence by highlighting their natural beauty.

After completing her degree, Anastasiia decided to continue her education, and she signed up for an online cream-making course that was offered by an instructor in France. That’s where she learned the unique methods that the French use when formulating their skincare products. Anastasiia remembers the joy of holding her first-ever cream in her hands, it was love at first sight. Since then, she has studied Natural Anti-Ageing Skincare, Organic Hair Care Formulations, and Organic Soapmaking.

Anastasiia pours her heart into every Northern Beauty product that is available on this website. She hopes that you will be able to enjoy her handmade products and feel the love that she filled every single bottle with.

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